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“We endeavour to achieve and aspire to be successful.”

Longdendale High School is a thriving 11-16 school built on strong values that inform all that we do. We have high standards where everyone is challenged and supported to flourish and encouraged to work hard to fulfil their aspirations. We expect every member of our school to be the best they can be. We have high expectations of all our staff, students and our wider community. Together we work hard so that everyone can achieve and feel safe and happy, ready to go on to have an exciting future.



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Show the Red Card to Racism is an anti-racism educational charity. It aims to combat racism through enabling role models, who are predominantly but not exclusively footballers, to present an anti-racist message to young people and others.
As students across Tameside returned to school following the summer break, a very special occasion took place to commemorate the official launch of the AspirePlus Educational Trust. The Trust, which is the first secondary school-led Multi Academy Trust in Tameside, has launched with Longdendale High School as the founder and sponsor.